Which type of broadband do I need for my business?

Argh! Why is the internet so slow??

Does that sound familiar? We’ve all been there, one minute you’re quite happily getting on with your work and then the internet grounds to a halt so you can’t download or upload your data or worse it happens during a video call/online meeting.

To say it’s annoying and frustrating is an understatement not to mention the negative impact this has for the running and operations of your business but what can you do about the speed of the internet? You have several choices:

  1. You can do nothing and have to accept the speed you get for the price you pay. Just for the record we don’t recommend this as a viable solution.
  2. Change to a different Broadband provider offering a similar deal for the same speeds at a similar price – this should slow the problem right? Not really no. Your new broadband contract will still be using a contended network – basically you share the broadband with the users so you’ll still have issues at times of peak usage but you might be saving a few quid a month.
  3. Shop around and find out about the different types of Broadband that are available – yes, there is more than one. Fibre, ADSL, FTTP and Leased Lines are all different types of Broadband connections (all of which we provide) that have pros and cons depending on your requirements.

Which type of broadband is right for me?

Leased Lines – Private, high performance internet connection

Broadband – A range of options available which will grow with your business

Fibre – Reliable, fast broadband that can adapt to your business requirements

If business costs are something you are keeping an eye on then opting for a Broadband package might be a more preferable answer to more expensive Leased Lines as the costs are significantly reduced but remember, you will be sharing your connection with other business and this will affect the upload / download speeds especially at peak times.

Ultimately you need to establish how much you rely on the internet for your business and what level of connection you need to operate. To discuss your options and answer any questions you have please contact us on on 01226 704 610 or at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.

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