What is SIP Trunking and can it help your business?

SIP Trunking

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and is a Voice over Internet Protocol and streaming media service.

A SIP trunk is installed on existing analogue lines, ISDN lines or a combination of both.

What is SIP trunking?

SIP is a way of making phone calls via the internet.

Compared to ISDN SIP trunking is cheaper (per channel) and more flexible in how and where geographic telephone numbers can be used. It’s also quicker to install and it delivers extremely robust business continuity.

The service can support connections ranging from two channels for small PBX-equipped businesses to an unlimited number of channels for large businesses and contact centres.

What are the benefits of SIP Trunking?

Basically SIP Trunking is perfect for any business facing these challenges:

Disaster Recovery: if the worst happens you can minimise the impact on business operations as calls can be diverted or delivered immediately to another site/system.  SIP trunks can be a critical part of your business’ disaster recovery plan.

Significant cost savings: IP Connections are cheaper than traditional ISDN lines in terms of rental costs. You can make savings to landline, mobile and international calls.

Unifed Communications: SIP Trunking works perfectly to assist the unification of your communications as it has the flexibility to add devices as necessary as lots of Unified Communication systems are cloud based.

Secure: We ensure our SIP Trunking Systems and broadband connection are secure – so you’re secure. SIP Trunks are monitored for unusual call activity to help prevent cases of Call Fraud. We put call caps in place, which if reached disable the SIP trunks immediately to prevent hackers gaining access to your data.

Flexible and Scaleable: Should your business have periods of growth throughout the year SIP Trunking allows you to adjust the number of lines you have at any one time – you can even keep the same number if you’re thinking of moving office too… that’s anywhere… worldwide!

Our expertise means we can develop the best solution for your business within your budget constraints. All of our solutions are flexible and scalable so they can change and evolve as your business does from landline packages to enabling mobile and remote working with access to voice, email, conferencing, video and instant messaging. Contact us today for further information and a review of your communications systems.

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