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Helping organizations deliver business continuity and remote worker solution across multiple contact channels

As the saying goes, there is nothing more important to your business than your customers. Our Contact Centre Phone Systems help you access vital customer data quickly allowing you to deliver amazing customer service every time – from answering queries, making appointments and updating records a Contact Centre will help you do this… and much more.

OpenScape Contact Centre

OpenScape Contact Centre empowers organizations to listen to customers, interact across any media including social, optimize business performance improvement and measure customer contact operations to ensure success.

Helping organizations deliver business continuity and remote worker solution across multiple contact channels, enable effective user experience and self-service and improve business decisions with actionable intelligence cost effectively and simply.

OpenScape Contact Centre (OSCC)

OpenScape is an end to end customer engagement suite supporting 5 to 7,500 agents, available on premise, hybrid or the cloud. It’s uniquely designed with a powerful routing and reporting engine, a 360-degree customer view and market-leading usability. A mature SDK ensures a robust customer ecosystem, and a mobile supervisor allows monitoring from anywhere. Strategic contact centre partnerships include Softcom for real-time customer analytics, ASC for Workforce Management, and Genesys for more sophisticated, highly scaled call centres.

OpenScape Contact Centre Enterprise:

  • Achieve first-contact resolution with intelligent multi-platform routing and 360 degree contextual engagement view
  • Improve interaction handling efficiency with intuitive, multi-channel agent web client
  • Streamline contact centre operations with powerful management tools
  • Deploy easily with modular growth and scalability
  • Single site or multi-site networking
  • Up to 1500 concurrent agents per system, 7500 agents per cluster
  • Skills based routing of inbound and outbound voice, callbacks, IVR, email, web chat, voicemail, fax, social media and bots
  • Integrated IVR and recording
  • Pre-packaged and custom CRM integrations
  • Uses OpenScape Voice and 4000 platforms

Enghouse – Multi-channel Contact Centre

Enghouse Interactive’s Contact Centre solutions can intelligently streamline and centralise all contact media types – in a single, fully integrated solution with omni-channel queuing and skills-based routing, ensuring all types of interactions are identified, prioritised, and routed professionally, first time, every time. At the same time improving productivity, efficiency and optimisation of staff resources through comprehensive reporting and automation.

Our solutions are modular and you can add functionality such as self-service IVR, survey, call recording, quality monitoring and outbound to name but a few, as requirements and budget dictate.

  • Simple, intuitive to use and cloud ready
  • Modular by design and work together or stand alone
  • Scalable from 10 to 10,000 seats
  • Delivered by an experienced and financially credible company

Medium to Large Companies

OpenScape Enterprise Express offers SMB enterprises a fully featured UC solution

Small and Medium Businesses

OpenScape Business is the award winning, modern and innovative all-in-one communication solution

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