Business Connectivity

Reliable, superfast broadband options to keep your business online and up and running

With a range of reliable, fast broadband options available we provide business with a solution that will grow with your business and increased demand to be online.

Our extensive knowledge of Internet Access Services can help you achieve your business goals.

We’re continually investing in our next generation network to deliver competitively priced business-class ADSL, Fibre and FTTP services, to power start-ups and small businesses as well as large, multi-site organisations across the UK.

Which Broadband is right for my business?

That is a good question. ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) which we offer, is the most common type of broadband around which is delivered through the copper wires of your existing phone line. However, BT Openreach have announced that are closing the copper wire telephone network across the UK by 2026. Meaning anyone still using ADSL Broadband will need to switch to an alternative.

Fibre optic networks will replace networks using ADSL or ISDN. Our alternatives to ADSL are SoGEA, Fibre, FTTC and Leased Lines. Each business broadband package offers something slightly different. For example

Are you an SME looking for a cost effective, reliable broadband provider without a landline? Then SoGEA broadband is an option to consider.

Is your business completely online or you need to upload and download files? Yes, then Fibre Broadband would tick all your boxes.

Do you send and receive private or sensitive information? Then Leased Lines could be the broadband solution for you.

So, whether you require internet access for basic LAN/WAN applications, a web presence for marketing and e-commerce, or high bandwidth up to 622 Mbps, we have a comprehensive, fast and affordable business broadband package that will reflect your business goals and grow with your needs.

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