Secure your communication systems from cyber attacks

60% of small- and mid-size companies that experience a cyber attack are out of business within 6 months*

*Source: US National Cyber Security Alliance

Security threats that target enterprise systems today are both pervasive and potentially catastrophic. Your communication system is not exempt. 

Large or small, no organization is immune to the threat. In fact, 60 percent of all cyber attacks target organizations with fewer than 1,000 employees. And unlike larger enterprises that can withstand the storm, small- and mid-size companies are often left crippled to the point where they can no longer survive. 

Keeping your communications system up to date is essential to preventing cyber attacks. The good news is, reducing your risk doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Preventable tragedy

Most security breaches are preventable tragedies – the result of unpatched software and legacy IT. Cyber criminals exploit software vulnerabilities, preying on “set it and forget it” IT systems, where available security patches haven’t been implemented, or where systems are so old that new software patches are no longer developed. 

The solution is to get your communications software current and keep it there.

Reduce your vulnerability

Simply, out-of-date software is more vulnerable than current versions. For current systems, keeping up with software updates dramatically reduces your risk. For older systems that are no longer supported, new patches to close known vulnerabilities are no longer developed. 

Unify makes it easy to reduce your risk

• Get Current: Update your software to take advantage of our security patches. For legacy systems no longer in development, software patches are not available. A new system that can be continuously updated to close known vulnerabilities is worth serious consideration.

• Stay Current: For most systems, promptly install the software upgrades we deliver.

• Let us Help: Unify provides software assurance services to keep an eye on vulnerabilities and ensure patches are installed promptly without any budget surprises. 

Worry-free security in 3 simple steps

Once your system is up to date it’s critical to keep it there. Unify’s Software Assurance Program and services can reduce your risk in three worry-free steps. 

Vulnerability Intelligence Process continuously monitors security vulnerabilities, analyzes their impact to Unify products, and informs you via Security Advisories. 

Proactive Vulnerability Management ensures that each Unify product’s security levels are maintained or improved, and any security weaknesses are fixed until the end of the product’s software support.

Proactive Patch Management protects against vulnerabilities, increases stability and availability, and simplifies administration and maintenance — all with minimal impact on your IT staff. 

Improve your security: 

Get current. Stay current. 

Cybercrime shows no sign of slowing down or becoming less harmful. But you can mitigate your risk with easy, affordable steps. 

Security threats are growing by 20% per year*

*Atos “Ready for anything – Business driven security for the digital era.

Contact us to discuss your best options to get current and stay current. 

Don’t wait for a security breach to take action. Request a consultation. 

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