The latest news reports on business telecommunication system developments and issues faced by the communications industry.

Finding it hard to choose the right Unifed Communications?

Posted on 21/01/14

We’re not surprised. It’s a new way of working. And there’s a lot to consider. But don’t be put off. Ask yourself 5 questions: Do you want to build on what you have, or rip it out and start again? Can you get UC your way, or are you limited by what the supplier can […]

How will your business cope with the Winter Weather?

Posted on 10/12/13

We have an important question to ask you. Will your business cope with the winter weather? How much business did you lose last year due to the bad weather? How many members of your staff couldn’t get into the office because of the weather? Last winter saw thousands of people unable to get into work […]

Business begins with a conversation

Posted on 02/12/13

It’s time to change the conversation. And that takes a new company with a new vision. Today’s market is defined by immense shifts in communications technology. So many ways to connect but the tools are siloed, and weaving it all together so it works for business has proven to be extremely difficult. Now is the […]

Want lightning quick customer service?

Posted on 16/10/13

When customer retention matters, speed is key. Can your staff: Instantly initiate a web conference from their tablets and smartphones to make fast decisions? Route customer calls to their chosen devices and solve issues in seconds – even if they’re out of office? Rapidly react to enquiries via email, web chat, phone or social collaboration […]

We can save your business up to £199,000 this year!

Posted on 09/09/13

You’ve heard it all before. A firm offers to save your organisation money but when you look into it, the figures don’t add up. Your belief goes out of the window and the marketing spiel in the bin. But stop right now! We can prove the savings we’ll bring your business and they’re in an […]

Let us bring all of your communications together

Posted on 20/06/13

How Unified are your Communications? In this demanding global climate, all organizations no mater the size constantly face new challenges. The pressure to deliver higher levels of service at lower operating costs is increasing, and environmental responsibility has become a corporate issue. We can help you respond to these challenges and many more by using […]

What are you doing to get ready for the EU 20-20-20 Energy Directive?

Posted on 27/04/13

The EU climate and energy package is a set of binding legislation which aims to ensure the European Union meets its ambitious climate and energy targets for 2020. These targets, known as the “20-20-20” targets, set three key objectives for 2020: A 20% reduction in EU greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels; Raising the share […]

How effective is the service you currently receive from your telecoms provider?

Posted on 28/03/13

Does any of the following ring any bells: Do you still receive your landline telephone bill and mobile bills by post? Have you ever struggled to dig out your account details because you needed to speak to your telecoms provider to resolve issues? When was the last time you checked you where getting the best […]

Did you get wiped out by the weather?

Posted on 14/03/13

How did you cope with the recent weather disruptions? Since the beginning of 2013 alone, we have all felt the effects (in one way or another) of the severe disruption that the elements can cause not only on our safety but on our businesses too. Ask yourself, how badly has your business been affected by […]