Key Insights for IT Communications Professionals

For IT communications professionals, there are several things to consider when selecting a unified communications partner that can protect the security of your sensitive communications and data:

  1. No two businesses are identical, so neither are their security needs. Ensure your communications partner can tailor a solution that fits the security needs of your business.
  2. IT and communications systems are not 100% secure, however, proactive design of security into communications solutions and ongoing proactive maintenance are keys to bringing the odds into your favour.
  3. Unify offers a mature software development lifecycle with security built-in, not bolted-on. This means technology stability and security following ISO and CIS standards. Is your current supplier applying the same level of investment and processes to their security offerings?
  4. Unify manages software security vulnerabilities proactively and openly as a true business partner. Challenge your communications supplier to explain their processes.
  5. Proactive measures are always more effective than reactive measures when it comes to communications security. From product concept, to product development, to ongoing maintenance – security designed into a solution offers the best protection against malicious breaches and cybercrime. Challenge your communications supplier to tell how they approach security.

If you are interesting in learning more about enterprise security in Unified Communications or how Unify can help support your business growth, contact us today.

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