How save is your internet connection… and your data?

When you access the internet using Wi-Fi do you give any thought as to who might be spying on you or, even worse stealing your data?

No? You’re not alone… and that’s the scary bit – because you should think about it. 

In this digital age of working remotely, downloading and uploading data wherever and whenever we want or are, the emphasis on staying ‘safe’ online has never been more important.

The appeal of ‘Free Wi-Fi’ on public networks is very convenient and lures us in to giving access to our devices and data in exchange for getting onto the internet free of charge – including hackers. How do you know that the Wi-Fi network you’re on is safe or provided by who you think it is? 

As if the worry of hackers accessing your personal data to steal your identity or access bank details isn’t bad enough, you may have seen in the news stories of people/businesses selling our data and browsing history to other companies.

So what can you do? Well, if you’re not already using a virtual private network to protect your data – then you should be.

Our IP VPN Services (Internet Protocol Virtual Private Networks) create a completely private network giving you full control which enables you to separate your data from external traffic and the public internet. 

To provide private network access to all your employees, wherever they’re based, with a single, secure, reliable next generation IP-VPN call us on 01226 704 610 and speak to a member of our team who will be happy to provide you with more information or send me an email.

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