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What is “Unified Communications” and what does it mean?

At its best, unified communications (also called 'UC') it enables better collaboration by unifying formerly separate modes of communication into a single, combined user experience. Email, text, and voice messaging work seamlessly with live voice, audio and video conferencing, and Web collaboration, in one interface, with 'presence' notification to indicate your availability to participate.

A finger swipe lets you move between tablet, smartphone, or desktop phones, while One Number Service lets calls follow you to whatever device you select – whether office, home, or fishing lodge – completely transparent to your caller. And unified communications can be integrated or embedded into your business process software.

Streamlining for speed

In this demanding global climate, organizations constantly face new challenges and opportunities. The pressure to deliver higher and higher levels of service at lower operating costs is increasing, all aspects of operations need to be transparent and accountable, and environmental responsibility has become a corporate issue. Unifying your communications can help respond to these challenges. Unified Communications solutions from Siemens bring all your communications together into one single solution that can make a huge potential impact on your business.

Get together

Unified Communications Solutions such as the OpenScape Unified Communications Application are a key strategic step to improving customer response and enterprise agility. On-demand access to people and information accelerates decision making, reduces process latency and encourages collaboration and the effective exchange of ideas. Flexible working increases productivity and reduces the impact on the environment. Within your business, this means energy can be expended in areas that relate directly to value. Capabilities such as Presence let you find out your whole team´s availability instantly, from a single screen. It allows all decision makers to be brought together into a conference at a mouse click if necessary.

OpenScape_Business.jpgThis real-time knowledge can speed up the time taken to move into action, allowing you to resolve issues and capitalize on opportunities. Mobility gives your people the freedom to work anywhere, and in conjunction with Presence, actually keeps you in closer contact with your colleagues. Everything is flexible, scaleable and can run with the software you already use, so it works cost effectively with your organization as well. Our Unified Communications solutions are enabled by our OpenScape Unified Communications Suite of applications. Active employs genuine open standards to ensure our unified communications integrate seamlessly with other applications and communications platforms. This Open Communications approach not only simplifies initial implementation and deployment, it also safeguards financial investment by enabling further expansion and integration to all future capabilities. Also, it makes them easier to use, driving user adoption and maximizing ROI.



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